TAP® Baseball Training Sock

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Elevate your baseball training with the TAP™ NEW AND IMPROVED Baseball Training Sock. Designed to enable athletes to throw a ball in confined spaces, this innovative sock is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With enhanced comfort features, including extra lining and a new synching mechanism, athletes can use the sock comfortably in any weather to strengthen their arm or aid recovery after a max velocity training day.

  • ENHANCED Comfort with extra lining and new synching mechanism

  • Increases velocity

  • Promotes good 'finish'

  • Good warm-up tool


Introducing the TAP™ Original Baseball Training Sock - Now Updated and Improved!

Enhance your baseball training experience with the TAP™ Original Baseball Training Sock, a revolutionary device developed to facilitate a modified ball hold program. Crafted under the guidance of industry experts Ron Wolforth and Randy Sullivan, this training sock allows athletes to perform a full throwing motion with ball release in confined spaces, resolving mechanical inefficiencies associated with holding a weighted ball beyond the release point.

Key Features:

Full Range of Motion: The TAP™ Baseball Training Sock enables athletes to execute a complete throwing motion, promoting muscle engagement and efficient release.

Develops Posterior Shoulder Strength: An excellent tool for building posterior shoulder strength, the sock contributes to overall arm health and performance enhancement.

Effective Deceleration Patterns: Reinforce efficient deceleration patterns with this innovative training sock, supporting injury prevention and recovery.

New and Improved Design (November 2023): The latest version of the Baseball Training Sock boasts several enhancements for an even better training experience.

Shortened Length: To prevent unnecessary friction on the upper arm, the overall length of the sock has been reduced.

Comfort Lining: A soft lining minimizes friction at the hand and wrist, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free training session.

Adjustable Synching Mechanism: Easily tighten the sock based on your desired comfort and function with the updated synching mechanism.

Durable Construction: The Baseball Training Sock, also known as the 'Durathro® Sock,' is built to last and can accommodate weighted balls up to 21oz. Whether you call it the 'Sock,' 'Mitt,' 'Oven Mitt,' or any other alias, the durability and effectiveness remain unmatched. Instructions Not Included

Elevate your training regimen with the TAP™ Original Baseball Training Sock – the preferred choice for athletes serious about improving their game