TAP® Connection Ball™

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The TAP® Connection Ball™ is a 12" inflatable ball used to train effective movement patterns. Pitchers use the tool to preset proper arm positions and receive visual indicators of mechanical efficiency. Hitters use the product to address hitting disconnections and improve skill.

  • Can be used in pitching and hitting
  • Promotes arm health
  • Improves movement efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • Includes inflation straw and 2 plugs


  • Feeling the connection: By holding the ball in specific positions during throwing motions, pitchers can improve their body awareness and sense of connection between their upper and lower body. This can lead to a more efficient and powerful throwing motion.
  • Identifying mechanical flaws: The ball can highlight inefficiencies in a pitcher's mechanics. If the ball falls out of position during the throwing motion, it indicates areas where the pitcher might be compensating or not using their body optimally.


  • Maintaining a strong position: Placing the ball between the bat and shoulder or between the forearms can help hitters maintain a tight and powerful posture during their swing. This can lead to better bat control and power.


  • Improving receiving technique: Catchers can use the ball between their glove and chest to practice receiving throws and maintaining proper posture while framing pitches. This can lead to better blocking and receiving skills.
  • Enhancing throwing transfers: By placing the ball under their throwing arm, catchers can work on quick and efficient transfers from glove to throwing hand. This can improve their throwing times and overall defensive abilities.

Remember, the TAP® Connection Ball is a training tool and not a magic solution. It helps develop proper mechanics and body awareness, but consistent practice and proper coaching are still essential for improvement in baseball.

Made of pliable PVC, the TAP® Connection Ball™ ships deflated with an included inflation straw and 2 plugs. Colors may vary.