Extreme Duty Agility Hurdles (Set of 3)

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The TAP™ Extreme Duty Agility Hurdles have a weighted base that allows them to rock back into the starting position. These extremely durable devices are excellent for developing agility and quickness.

  • Improve footwork
  • Increase speed
  • Improve coordination
  • Enhance agility and quickness
  • Hurdles never knock over

The TAP™ Extreme Duty Agility Hurdles can be used as an innovative teaching tool to enhance speed, agility, and quickness. These oversized hurdles are 27" in width and available in 8" and 14" heights. A special feature of these premium hurdles is weighted back bars that cause the durable hurdle to return to an upright position when tipped over reducing the time required to adjust hurdles during drills. Available in sets of three hurdles of the selected size.