TAP® Hammer Net

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The TAP® Hammer Net provides for performance of explosive core strengthening exercises ideal for rotational sports. The device accommodates most standard medicine balls for slamming, chopping and swinging exercises.

  • Trains the core
  • Enhances rotational explosiveness
  • Improves coordination
  • Trains with greater speed

The TAP® Hammer Net is a unique exercise tool that transforms a standard medicine ball into an ideal training device. It will hold most medicine balls while providing a rope handle that allows the elite athlete to perform quick rotational movements in an assortment of exercises.

The TAP® Hammer Net is excellent for ballistic exercises that can take rotational training to a new level of intensity and effectiveness. It is designed for slamming, chopping, and swinging movements to help improve rotational strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and agility. It is a great device for improving core and shoulder strength and stability while enhancing quickness.

The Hammer Net allows for rotational movement with resistance through the range of motion and is designed for use with heavier medicine balls to increase power. Many of the same speed exercises used with the Slam Net, as shown in the video below, can be used with the Hammer Net.

The design of the TAP® Hammer Net allows medicine balls to be changed quickly to accommodate athletes with different strength levels and exercises with different desired outcomes. The durable design makes it ideal for institutional and commercial applications. Medicine ball and instruction for use are not included.