Hurdle Cone and Crossbar Set

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Hurdle Cone and Crossbar Set is an effective tool for training athletic speed and agility.

  • Increase power
  • Improve quickness
  • Easy set-up
  • Easy pick-up

The Hurdle Cone Set is an outstanding tool for agility, speed, and plyometric exercises. These portable tools can be arranged in a traditional hurdle configuration or in a host of different patterns to vary training drills or increase intensity. The crossbars can be set at heights of 6", 9", 12", or 15" using the pre-drilled holes to accommodate skill levels and/or training requirements. The cone may be used without the crossbar as a marker/agility cone. The Hurdle Cone Set is intended for use on stable, level surfaces and is suitable for use indoors or out. The set includes six 18" hurdle cones and three 40" crossbars.