Indoor Limbo Set

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The Indoor Limbo Set creates an agility course for increasing range of motion, speed, and reaction time.

  • Increase speed
  • Increase mobility
  • Easy to set up

The Indoor Limbo Set is ideal for developing speed, quickness, and flexibility. The brightly colored upright poles and crossbars are 60" in length. The crossbars can be attached to the pole with adjustable swivel clips that allow the crossbar to be raised, lowered, and angled at virtually any height. The accompanying 18" hurdle cones with 40" crossbar facilitate the step-over drills to complete the athletic challenge.

The Indoor Limbo Set has a plastic base that allows it to be used on hard surfaces indoors or out; the poles have detachable spikes that allow the device to be used on soft surfaces. The durable plastic base can be sand-filled to aid in stability.