The Ball Hawg® | Baseball Retriever and Back Saver

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The Ball Hawg™ allows players and coaches to spend less time picking up balls and more time in productive training activities.

  • Reduces wasted time spent shagging balls
  • Realize less stress on your back from not bending over
  • Makes practice more efficient
  • Easily picks up and holds 20 baseballs
  • Perfect for coaches and parents

Shagging balls is as necessary as hitting or catching the baseball, but is of little or no value for player development and takes valuable time away from meaningful practice. Mike Compton, a minor league catching co-ordinator, realized reducing the time required to shag balls would allow more time for productive activities and set out to develop a tool to expedite the process. The Ball Hawg™ was the result of his efforts.

Made of durable plastic suitable for heavy use, the device is simple to use on the field or in the cage. It easily holds twenty baseballs and can be quickly emptied to make shagging a breeze. The Ball Hawg™ was previously available only to professional baseball and commercial baseball facilities.