TAP® Cricket Set

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HEAVY BALLS SUITABLE FOR BATTING Make the TAP® Extreme Duty Weighted Balls your newest cricket training tool. The soft shell characteristics of the sand-filled ball causes the ball to flatten and absorb energy upon impact, making the ball stay on the bat longer and inherently inhibits the ball from traveling far. Power and good form are essential to make these training balls travel an appreciable distance after being struck, making the hitter’s form, tendencies, and striking power more apparent and measurable.
  • Promotes good contact and sweet spot awareness
  • Encourages hands-through-the-ball movement
  • Necessitates driving the bat through the ball, reinforcing good extension
  • Requires follow-through benefiting the athlete’s swing finish
  • Durable construction made to last
  • Junior Set consist of a 3.5oz, 7oz, 14oz, and 21oz ball
  • Senior Set consist of a 3.5oz, 14oz, 21oz, and 3lb ball