TAP® Batting Target (NOW 29" in Diameter)

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The TAP® Batting Target provides a bold target to enhance batter's directional focus while hitting.

  • Excellent discovery learning tool
  • Outstanding device for promoting goal directed movement/achievement
  • High contrast
  • Safety Screen/Frame Not Included

The TAP® Batting Target is an excellent device for hitting drills, providing an external focal point. The high contrast target is an outstanding tool for discovery learning in goal-directed movements and goal achievement.

The 29" diameter bulls-eye target is made of durable polypropylene material with a perimeter stiffener to keep it extended. The target has metal grommets for attaching to safety screens, batting cages, or fences with the included bungee cords and snaps.

The TAP® Batting Target is intended to provide a focal point in hitting drills. This device is not intended or recommended for use as a pitching target. We recommend the TAP® K Target if you desire a pitching target.