Khaos® DTS Package (2019 ABCA Best of Show)

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TAP™ 'K' Target:

The TAP™ 'K' Target is an outstanding implement to help enhance throwing accuracy. The device was designed to offer training flexibility to accommodate multiple training protocols and styles. The multiple colors and shapes can be used to represent varying targets used in training regimens, including Ron Wolforth's Differential Training System  and Perry Husband's Effective Velocity Program.

The TAP™ 'K' Target can be a great teaching tool to learn and practice the skill of adjustment. Often pitchers must adjust to their circumstances, such as a mound that changes during a game because of weather or use, or a strike zone that is unexpected. The design of the Throwing Target accommodates adjustments, small and large.

The TAP™ 'K' Target is designed to overload the visual system during throwing drills. The visual stress, in addition to the normal physical stress encountered during throwing drills, helps prepare the athlete to deal with the fatigue caused by both stressors.

The TAP™ 'K' Target colors of red, yellow, blue, and green were selected for their high level of contrast and luminance. These bright colors attract and hold attention while providing better visibility of objects and target information. The black target center reflects less light and is embedded with a smaller 'star' target which provides a perception of depth.

The TAP™ 'K' Target is designed for use when attached to a flexible net or safety screen (sold separately) and includes the necessary bungees for attachment. The 'K' Target is a great alternative to The Pitching Pad® when a cushioned surface is not needed or the Target Pad when detachable targets are not required.

The overall target size is 66" x 42". The TAP™ 'K' Target was designed for and intended to be used with, regulation and weighted baseballs/softballs as well as soft shell training balls. When attaching the target to a net all bungees should be used to evenly distribute ball impact forces. While the TAP™ 'K' Target is extremely durable, objects with sharp edges, pointed tips, or excessive weight should not be thrown against the target. Instructions for use are not included. Free shipping when standard shipping is selected at check-out.

Khaos® DTS (Differential Training System) Ball Set:

Best of Show (2019)

The Khaos® Differential Ball Set is an excellent training tool for the elite throwing athlete whose desire is to become more accurate. The balls provide a means for high-level pitchers to adjust, modify and experiment within their environment. This ball set can be used in discovery-based instruction that permits the athlete to discover facts and relationships for themselves based on their personal throwing characteristics. With proper use, the Khaos® Differential Ball Set can be a valuable tool for improving the skills necessary to adjust pitch location while achieving the desired velocity.

Individual training goals are accomplished by throwing with the lighter/heavier, smaller/larger ball while measuring throwing accuracy coupled with velocity. The Khaos® Differential Ball Set provides elite athletes the tools to implement a process-oriented method to analyze and interpret how to alter delivery to achieve a particular outcome. Appropriate use can lead to complex skill acquisition under variable practice conditions and provides the athlete tools for self-directed learning and self-regulated practice.

The Khaos® Differential Ball Set consists of four balls of differing sizes and weights:

3oz, 7.5" Circumference, Synthetic Leather Ball
7oz, 9" Circumference, Soft-Shell Sand-Filled Ball
8oz, 11" Circumference, Synthetic Leather Ball

4oz, 12" Circumference, Synthetic Leather Ball

Developed for use with Ron Wolforth's Differential Training System, The Khaos® Differential Ball Set provides athletes a tool that aids in retaining concepts and knowledge discovered through focused practice. They are ideal for use in training models that are based on guided discovery, problem-based learning, simulation-based learning, case-based learning, and incidental learning, among others.

The Khaos® Differential Ball Set includes a carry bag. Instructions for use are not included.

Khaos® 101 Manual:

Product description courtesy of Texas Baseball Ranch®

Ever hear somebody say, "Adjust! You need to make an adjustment!"? All of us have heard it and most of us have said it more than we’d like to admit. The trouble is athletes RARELY, if EVER, practice making adjustments in their practice or training. Therefore, most athletes are notoriously slow and/or ineffective in making adjustments.

At the Texas Baseball Ranch® we pride ourselves in developing world class adjusters and adaptable athletes. No series of drills or exercises in the world today does a more complete and exceptional job at eliciting an athlete’s capabilities to modify and adjust during the heat of competition than does the Khaos Training 101 system. In this step by step process, an athlete’s abilities to seamlessly and intuitively adjust and adapt during competition is nurtured and enhanced. On top of all the potential plusses of the program, it is the single favorite among Ranch hands in terms of fun and enjoyment. THEY LOVE KHAOS Day!