Plyometric Training Boxes

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The Oates Specialties Plyometric Training Boxes lineup consists of:

    Plyometric Training Box 18"

    Plyometric Training Box 24"

    Plyometric Training Box 30"

    TAP® 3 in 1 Safe Jump Plyo Box

    TAP® Adjustable Plyo-Box 12-24"


Plyometric Training Box (24" & 30")

Plyo boxes are excellent tools for athletes to develop power, quickness, and explosiveness as well as improve cardiovascular stamina. These economical plyo boxes offer an outstanding means for strengthening hamstrings, quads, glutes, and overall leg strength.

These plyo boxes are often used for single-leg training such as step-ups and single-leg squats replacing traditional weight room squats. Squats, like most exercises, have inherent risks when performed with poor technique or with weights too heavy for the athlete. Single leg training using body weight (increasing resistance with handheld weights only after mastery of movements) can be very beneficial for the prevention of injuries. Plyo box height for single-leg training can be determined by measuring the distance from the sole of the athlete’s foot to the floor when the leg is raised to form a 90° angle at the knee.

Product features:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Solid non-skid rubber top
  • Easy to move and stack to conserve space
  • Scratch-resistant powder coating

Product Dimensions and weight:

Height Size of Top Size of Bottom Weight Color
24" 16" X 16" 22.8" X 22.8" 25lb Red
30" 16" X 16" 24" X 24" 26lb Red

Products ship according to dimensional weight. It is possible for different-size products to be stacked and shipped together which may result in savings. Colors may vary. Instructions for use are not included.

TAP® 3 in 1 Safe Jump Plyo Box

The TAP® 3 in 1 Safe Jump Plyo Box is an excellent training tool for explosive jump and speed training. This device saves money and space by combining three of the most popular training heights into one plyo-box; heights of 20", 24", and 30" can be achieved simply by rotating the box to different sides.

Using the TAP® 3 in 1 Safe Jump Plyo Box allows increased athletic performance levels by reducing the fear of injury. With this plyo box, athletes can push beyond performance comfort levels with the knowledge that a missed jump will less likely expose them to injury because this device has soft edges and corners, unlike traditional wood and metal plyo boxes.

The soft 3 in 1 Safe Jump Plyo Boxes are made from vinyl-covered high-density foam that provides a safer landing surface than wood or metal plyo boxes. Not intended for stacking. Dimensions: 20" X 24" X 30"; Weight: 46lb; Color: Black. Instructions for use are not included. Standard shipping is included in the price.

TAP® Adjustable Plyo-Box 12-24"

The TAP® Adjustable Plyo-box is an excellent tool for drills and exercises to increase strength and explosive power. Constructed from heavy steel with a nonslip landing surface it can serve the needs of athletes of virtually all ages and sports.

Instead of needing several plyo boxes that vary in height, the TAP® Adjustable Plyo-Box eliminates the need to buy and store multiple boxes. This plyo-box can be adjusted in 2" increments from heights of 17" to 25" to fit the height requirements of the athlete and exercise being performed; no tools are required to make the height adjustments. The 19.75" X 19.75" rubber-covered landing surface cushions landing during jumps.

TAP® Soft Plyo Boxes™ (Set of All Three)

More forgiving than traditional plyo boxes, the TAP® Soft Plyo-Boxes are outstanding plyometric tools for training with bodyweight. This plyo box set was developed for home gym use with the younger and less muscularly developed athletes in mind. Designed to be lighter weight and more portable these Soft Plyo Boxes offer an economical alternative to the TAP® Safe-Jump Plyo Boxes that are designed for commercial and institutional use. With a large landing surface, soft sides, and forgiving edges, the athlete's qualms of missing the box can be eased. Limiting concern of injury from not achieving a jump can allow the training athlete to focus on maximum effort to increase explosive power and improve dynamic movement patterns.

The TAP® Soft Plyo-Boxes are made from high-density foam and covered with durable vinyl. The top covering aids foot traction while the heavy bottom covering reduces floor slippage. Each box has flaps using Velcro™ style hook and loop fasteners to provide stability and prevent the boxes from separating during use.

The set consists of three boxes that are 6", 12", and 18" heights. These boxes can be stacked in any size combination to achieve the desired height; the set can be mixed and matched to provide six height options for exercises, ranging from 6" to 36". A responsible spotter should be present anytime the TAP® Soft-Jump Plyo-Boxes are in use. Instructions for use are not included.

Due to size and parcel service tariffs shipping for the TAP® Soft Jump Plyo-Box set is offered by a freight carrier.