Khaos® Wheelbarrow Sled

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The Khaos® Wheelbarrow Sled is an excellent training device that combines the advantages of a pull sled, a push sled, and the instability of a wheelbarrow, into one outstanding tool. The Wheelbarrow Sled is perfect for developing strength, power, coordination, and agility.

  • Develops power
  • Improves coordination
  • Builds strength
  • Increases agility
  • Trains balance

As part of the Khaotic Equipment line, the Wheelbarrow Sled offers conditioning exercises with benefits similar to Farmer's Walks, but with the instability that adds a unique core control element. The weight loads of the Wheelbarrow Sled can be intentionally imbalanced to create uneven loads adding to the instability of the device. Instability training is viewed by many as an effective way to train the core and affords the athlete a means to train motor recruitment patterns while training functional strength.

The Wheelbarrow Sled design provides athletes an exceptional tool that, in addition to use in wheelbarrow exercises, combines three types of sleds into one. It can be pulled and pushed from high or low positions as well as dragged using the included harness. Attach a Heavy Rope (Short Length) (not included) and it becomes a perfect implement for a variety of weighted load pulls. Weight loads can be varied by simply adding weight to make exercises more challenging.

The Khaos® Wheelbarrow Sled is constructed of steel with detachable steel upright bars. When used as a wheelbarrow, an Olympic plate weight (not included) is recommended for use as the wheel. The Khaos® Wheelbarrow can be used on multiple surface types capable of sustaining its weight, including turf, grass, cement, or rubber flooring. The product should not be used on finished surfaces. Instructions for use are not included.