TAP® Wrist Cuff

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The need for efficient cleaning and sanitation has brought a new focus to the materials used in exercise equipment. The TAP® Wrist Cuffs used with Oates Specialties Resistance Tubing are no exception.

After being used in resistance training for over a decade and a half by amateurs and pros alike, the Oates Specialties cuffs have been totally re-imagined. This cuff provides the user with the padded comfort of supple synthetic leather that conforms to the body while being an easily cleaned implement. With an extra-long closure strap, the durable cuff is held firmly in place using a hook and loop closure during the most vigorous movements.

  • Made with moisture-resistant synthetic leather - easily cleaned
  • Easily update existing exercise devices
  • Comfortable form-fitting design
  • Ideal for individual or commercial use
  • One size fits most - fully adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Universal exercise device connecting point
  • Comes with pair of (2) cuffs

There are few sports where athletes don't rely on their arms for success. For successful outcomes athletes simply cannot allow their arms to become a problem. Used as a tool for the development of athleticism and aid in the prevention of infection, the TAP® Wrist Cuffs are comfortable to use offering a superior training experience for the athlete.

The TAP® Wrist Cuff is commonly used by athletes wanting freedom with hand positioning to allow targeted exercises, i.e. hands rotated for thumbs down, thumbs up, thumbs sideways, etc. While using cuffs, objects such as balls can be held during exercise changing the musculature of the arm and shoulder. Additionally, these comfortable cuffs are often used by athletes wishing to limit stress on the extremities of the arm due to pain or injury and instead place the stress on the trunk of the arm.

TAP® Wrist Cuffs are made of soft non-absorbing synthetic leather material that provides users an extra level of comfort when performing the most strenuous of exercises. The cuff is great for use in therapeutic, sports, or gym settings. Because they are made of synthetic leather, these cuffs are easy to clean making them ideal for today's health-conscious environment.

The strong webbing strap and attachment point make these replacement cuffs easy to use when upgrading the cuffs on resistance bands. These proprietary wrist cuffs are the same cuffs used with our premium Oates Specialties Resistance Tubing and are suitable for use with athletes of all abilities. The adjustable hook and loop closure will fit the wrist with circumferences from 5" to 12" allowing this TAP® Wrist Cuff to comfortably fit athletes of all ages.

Ideal for commercial or individual use, the TAP® Wrist Cuffs are sold in pairs with snap hooks (Snap Hook (Pair) (3/8") included) for easy attachment to resistance bands. Resistance bands are not included. If resistance bands are needed, please see the TAP™ Pitcher's Friend Resistance Tubing that combine these cuffs with quality resistance tubing.