Weighted Ball - <4oz (Underload)

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The Underload is the approximate size of a baseball and made of durable sponge rubber. Resilient and small, this under-load ball can be used as one of the tools to increase arm speed in the throwing motion.

Designed for use in underload/overload programs to improve arm action, this product is not a toy and should be used with proper instruction and supervision. If used for throwing exercises it is recommended it be thrown against nets or padded surfaces because of its very lively rebound. If throwing against solid (hard) surface is desired the TAP™ Max-Grip Weighted Balls are recommended.

This implement is not suitable for use where there is exposure to sharp edges or points. Thirty day limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Instructions for use are NOT included.

  • Under 4oz weight
  • Used as a tool to increase arm speed in underload/overload programs